Fruit flavors

Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and aroma and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Apple Fresh apple APP-101.47
Apple Fresh apple, caramel color (E150d) APP-101.45
Apple Juicy apple APP-101.48
Apple Apple, Yellow (E102), Blue (E133) APP-101.43A
Apple green Green apple RF852
Apple red Typical red apple RF443
Apricot Apricot 3610C
Apricot Apricot, Yellow (E102), Orange (E110) 3619IC
Apricot Ripe apricot 50105C
Apricot Apricot 3610C20
Banana Ripe banana 2869BT
Banana Sweet banana RF3812
Banana Milk banana BAN-301.00
Banana Banana pulp 2869C
Banana Banana, Yellow (E102) 2869/IC102
Banana Fresh banana BAN-101.12
Banana Confectionery banana RF530
Banana Juicy, sweet RF2508
Banana Sweet, pastry RF2893
Banana Fresh banana BAN-101.12
Bergamot Bergamot RF3439
Bergamot Bergamot RF3440
Cantaloupe Sweet melon CANT-101.50
Date base Typical date, Caramel color (E150d) DAT-101.01
Dream tangerine Mandarin RF2953
Fig base Fig, Caramel color (E150d) FIG-101.01
Grapefruit Juicy grapefruit GRF-101.08
Grapefruit Grapefruit RF0185
Grapefruit Flavor Grapefruit RF3071
Grenadine Сладкий гранат RF1557
Grenadine pomegranate Garnet POM-101.43
Guava Guava GUA-101.20
Guava Guava concentrate RF1085
Guava Guava GUA-101.20
Honeydew Melon Melon 73002B
Kiwi Fresh kiwi KIW-101.29
Kiwi Juicy, fresh kiwi KIW-101.40
Kiwi Fruity, juicy RF915
Kiwi Kiwi RF0071
Kiwi Sweet Kiwi RF2381
Lemon Juicy lemon LEM/C-101.522
Lemon Yellow lemon LEM/C-101.09
Lemon Lemon, Yellow (E102) LEM/IC-101.666
Lemon Lemon, Yellow (E102) LEM/IC-101.73
Lemon Lime lemon LEM-101.7UP
Lemon Fresh, juicy, lemon mint RF2607
Lemon Sour lemon RF048
Lemon Lemon LEM/C-101.36
Lemon Lemon RF1764
Lemon Fresh, juicy, lemon lime RF2853
Loomi Dried lime, Caramel color (E150) LOM-101.02
Lychee Lychee fresh LYC-101.02
Lychee Juicy lychee LYC-101.03
Lychee Lychee LYC-101.07
Mandarin Juicy tangerine MAD-101.10
Mandarin Mandarin, Red (E122), Orange (E110). MAD-101.13
Mango Mango, Yellow (E102), orange (E110) MAN-101.63
Mango Mango typical MAN-101.110
Mango Mango, Yellow (E102), orange (E110) MAN-101.165
Mango Fresh mango, Orange color (E110) MAN-101.132
Mango Ripe, meaty, sweet RF3314
Mango Mango MAN-101.57
Melon Melon MEL-101.01
Melon Ripe melon MEL-101.300
Melon Cantaloupe RF921
Melon Sweet, lemon, lime, melon RF2938
Melon honeydew Nectar melon 73002B
Melon Sweet Sweet melon RF4104
Orange Ripe orange ORA/C-101.11
Orange Orange ORA/C-101.58
Orange Ripe, juicy orange ORA/C-101.60
Orange Orange, Orange color (E110), Yellow color (E102) ORA/IC-101.412
Orange Orange, Orange color (E110), Yellow color (E102) ORA/IC-101.309
Orange Orange, Orange color (E110), Yellow color (E102) ORA/IC-101.40
Orange Ripe orange ORA/IC-101.404
Orange Orange, Orange color (E110), Red color (E122) ORA/IC-101.28B
Orange Juicy, green RF3988
Orange Sweet orange RF2754
Orange Orange RF1535
Orange Orange ORA/C-101.58
Papaya Carika papaya PAP-101.02
Passion fruit Exotic citrus, fruity, wild fruits RF2658
Peach Peach PEA-101.01
Peach Juicy peach PEA-101.10
Peach Fresh peach RF1422
Peach Juicy peach RF644
Peach Peach PEA-101.10
Pear Pear PER-101.03
Pineapple Pineapple, Yellow (E-102), Orange (E110) PIN-101.31Z
Pineapple Juicy pineapple PIN-101.12
Pineapple Pineapple PIN-101.45
Pineapple Pineapple, Yellow color (E-102) PIN-101.57
Pineapple Fresh, ripe RF1955
Pineapple Pineapple PIN -101.16
Pineapple Pineapple PIN-101.59
Pineapple Fresh pineapple RF1537
Pineapple Sweet, fresh pineapple RF2894
Pineapple Pineapple PIN-101.46
Pineapple Juicy pineapple RF3807-2
Pineapple Pineapple RF4100
Pink Grape Fruit Pink grapefruit RF4101
Plum Plum RF0192
Plum Flavor Plum RF0192
Pomegranate Garnet, Red color (E-122) POM-101.23A
Pomegranate Earthy, woody, floral, fruity RF1366
Pomegranate Pomegranate (flower) POM-101.33
Pomrgranate Garnet, Red colors (E122, E129) POM-101.38
Raisin Flavor Raisins RF3469
Tamarind Indian date, Caramel color (E150) TAM-101.01
Watermelon Red, juicy watermelon WME/T-101.514
Watermelon Watermelon, Red (E122) 555/IC
Watermelon Ripe watermelon WME-101.513
Watermelon Sweet watermelon 5552014C30
Watermelon Fresh watermelon RF1307
Watermelon Halls Watermelon Halls (Lollipop) RF4080
Watermelon Flavor Ripe watermelon RF1307
Yuzu Tropical citrus Yuzu YUZ-101.02
Yuzu Citrus Yuzu YUZ-101.04
Kiwi Sweet Kiwi RF2381
Watermelon Watermelon RF4296
White Grape Grape 2109C691
Tamarind Date Tamarind TAM-101.33
Tamarind Date Tamarind RF4364
Pear Pear (Yellow (E-102), Orange (E-110) PER-101.03IC
ORANGE Orange (Yellow (E-102), Orange (E-110) ORA/IC-101.412C
ORANGE Orange (Yellow (E-102), Orange (E-110) ORA/IC-101.40C1
Mango Mango (Orange color (E-110), Yellow color (E-102) MAN-101.77
Mango Mango MAN-101.167
Mango Mango Green Green RF4325
Mango Mango MAN-101.75
Grape (Juicy) Grape (Juicy) (Red (E-129), Blue (E-133) 5000IC1
Grape Grape (Red (E-122), Blue (E-133),Caramel color (E-150d) 1515IC1
Grape Taboo Grape TAG-101.01
Grapefruit Grapefruit GRF-101.20
Apricot Apricot (Yellow (E-102), Orange (E-110) 3610IC1
Apple Apple (Caramel Color (E-150d) APP-101.34
Apple Apple (Caramel Color (E-150d) APP-101.37
Apple Apple Red (Caramel Color (E-150d) APP-101.42
Apple Apple Green(Caramel Color (E-150d) APP-101.45
Apple Apple Yellow(Caramel Color (E-150d) APP-101.87
Apple Apple Green(Caramel Color (E-150d) APP-101.843C1
Apple Apple Green (Yellow (E-102), Blue (E-133) APP-101.843C
Orange Orange RF10195
Grapefruit Grapefruit RF4315
Mango Mango ripe RF4326
Pomegranate Pomegranate RF10233


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