Confectionery flavors

Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and aroma and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Baklawa Baklava, sweet, nutty, buttery, creamy RF4081
Bavarian cream Bavarian cream 6252C
Biscuit Biscuit BIS-101.04
Biscuit Sweet butter with vanilla flavor RF3043
Brown butter Butter with a sweet and caramel flavor BUT-101.628
Brownie Brownie cake RF4002
Brownie Brownie cake RF4004
Butter vanilla Vanilla oil RF578
Butter vanilla but Vanilla oil BUT-101.52
Butterscotch Toffee BS-101.38
Butterscoth Creamy and sweet RF1051
Cake Cake CAK-101.06
Captain Sweet caramel mix CAPT-101.04
Caramel Caramel CAR-101.27
Caramel Caramel, Caramel color (E150d) CAR-101.11
Caramel Sweet caramel CAR-101.23
Caramel Salty Salted caramel RF4083
Cheesecake Cheesecake CEK-101.03
Cheesecake blueberry Blueberry cheesecake RF1898
Cherry Cheesecake Cherry cheesecake RF1894
Chocolate Creamy chocolate CHO-303.03
Chocolate Chocolate CHO-101.61
Chocolate Chocolate CHO-101.58A
Chocolate Chocolate concentrate RF137
Chocolate Snickers Snickers RF4078
Choconut Chocolate and hazelnuts, caramel color (E150d) CHN-101.03
Chocolate Snickers Туре Snickers RF4084
Cocoa Cocoa COA-101.18
Cocoa Cocoa COA-101.76
Coconut Coconut pulp COC-101.05
Coconut Fresh sweet coconut 10092C50
Cookies Biscuit COK-101.09
Cotton candy Cotton candy 10058C
Cream Sweet creamy CRE-101.26
Cream Custard CRE-101.32
Cream Cream with oily notes RF579
Cream Creamy, milky RF2792
Crème brulee Creme brulee CBE-101.01
Crème caramel Sweet creamy caramel CRC-101.25
Custard Creamy and spicy CUS-101.604
Custard Custard, sweet cream CUS-101.607
Dark chocolate Dark chocolate 51509C
Doughnut Donut DOU 101.03B
English toffee Toffee toffee TOF-101.24
French Vanilla French Vanilla RF4030
Glazed doughnut Donut DOU-101.03B
Gum Flavor Chewing gum RF3782
Gummy candy Gummy candy GUC-101.02
Gummy candy Gummy candy GUC-101.03
Honey Thick honey HON-101.20
Honey Honey RF3046
lrish Cream Irish cream RF4094
Kulfi Kulfi, milk dessert KUL-101.01
Lazy cake Lazy Chocolate Pie LAZ-101.06
Lemon Bonbon Eucalyptus and Lemon Flavored Lollipops RF3055
Lotus Lotus cookies LOU-101.04
Lotus Sponge cake with a hint of ginger and cardamom RF3920
Marie biscuit Cookies "Maria" BIS-101.04
Marshmallow Marshmallow MAH-101.05
Mastic Mastic MAS-101.31
Mastic Confectionery mastic MAS-101.30
Mastic Confectionery mastic MAS-101.05
Maple Maple syrup, Caramel color (E150d) 111508C
Maple Maple syrup RF3184
Marie Rich creamy, buttery RF1820
Oryo Rich dark cocoa cream sponge cake ORE-101.01
Oryo Rich cocoa cream sponge cake ORE-101.02
Pancake Pancakes PAC-101.07
Petit beurre Petit beur, French biscuits PB-101.21
Popcorn Popcorn with a sweet caramel flavor POC-101.04
Popcorn Popcorn POP-101.05
Premium chocolate Chocolate Premium RF3906
Premium chocolate Chocolate Premium RF4033
Rafaello Rafaello sweets RF4077
Rafaello Rafaello sweets RF4088
Speculas Spicy cookies SPC-101.01
Sweet caramel Sweet caramel 10082C
Tahina Sesame paste TAH-101.01A
Tiramisu Sweet, creamy, tiramisu type RF1914
Tiramisu Classic tiramisu TIR-101.01
Toffe Caramel, a type of toffee RF3895
Toffee Toffee TOF-101.22
Toffee butter Butterscotch oil BS-101.28
Turkish Delights Turkish Delight TD-101.01
Um Ali Creamy dessert with nuts UMA-101.03
Vanilla Rich sweet vanilla VAN/C-101.13
Vanilla Creamy sweet vanilla VAN/C-101.131
Vanilla Sweet vanilla VAN/C-101.71
Vanilla Vanilla concentrate RF484
Vanilla Vanilla concentrate RF3898
Vanilla Vanilla concentrate RF2436
Vanilla Vanilla sweet VAN/C-101.06
Vanilla bean Rich, creamy vanilla VAB/C-101.49
Vanilla Ice Cream Vanilla ice cream RF3036
Vanilla Wafer Vanilla waffle RF4099


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