Confectionery flavors

Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and aroma and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Baklawa Baklava, sweet, nutty, buttery, creamy RF4081
Bavarian cream Bavarian cream 6252C
Biscuit Biscuit BIS-101.04
Biscuit Sweet butter with vanilla flavor RF3043
Brown butter Butter with a sweet and caramel flavor BUT-101.628
Brownie Brownie cake RF4002
Brownie Brownie cake RF4004
Butter vanilla Vanilla oil RF578
Butter vanilla but Vanilla oil BUT-101.52
Butterscotch Toffee BS-101.38
Butterscoth Creamy and sweet RF1051
Cake Cake CAK-101.06
Captain Sweet caramel mix CAPT-101.04
Caramel Caramel CAR-101.27
Caramel Caramel, Caramel color (E150d) CAR-101.11
Caramel Sweet caramel CAR-101.23
Caramel Salty Salted caramel RF4083
Cheesecake Cheesecake CEK-101.03
Cheesecake blueberry Blueberry cheesecake RF1898
Cherry Cheesecake Cherry cheesecake RF1894
Chocolate Creamy chocolate CHO-303.03
Chocolate Chocolate CHO-101.61
Chocolate Chocolate CHO-101.58A
Chocolate Chocolate concentrate RF137
Chocolate Snickers Snickers RF4078
Choconut Chocolate and hazelnuts, caramel color (E150d) CHN-101.03
Chocolate Snickers Туре Snickers RF4084
Cocoa Cocoa COA-101.18
Cocoa Cocoa COA-101.76
Coconut Coconut pulp COC-101.05
Coconut Fresh sweet coconut 10092C50
Cookies Biscuit COK-101.09
Cotton candy Cotton candy 10058C
Cream Sweet creamy CRE-101.26
Cream Custard CRE-101.32
Cream Cream with oily notes RF579
Cream Creamy, milky RF2792
Crème brulee Creme brulee CBE-101.01
Crème caramel Sweet creamy caramel CRC-101.25
Custard Creamy and spicy CUS-101.604
Custard Custard, sweet cream CUS-101.607
Dark chocolate Dark chocolate 51509C
Doughnut Donut DOU 101.03B
English toffee Toffee toffee TOF-101.24
French Vanilla French Vanilla RF4030
Glazed doughnut Donut DOU-101.03B
Gum Flavor Chewing gum RF3782
Gummy candy Gummy candy GUC-101.02
Gummy candy Gummy candy GUC-101.03
Honey Thick honey HON-101.20
Honey Honey RF3046
lrish Cream Irish cream RF4094
Kulfi Kulfi, milk dessert KUL-101.01
Lazy cake Lazy Chocolate Pie LAZ-101.06
Lemon Bonbon Eucalyptus and Lemon Flavored Lollipops RF3055
Lotus Lotus cookies LOU-101.04
Lotus Sponge cake with a hint of ginger and cardamom RF3920
Marie biscuit Cookies "Maria" BIS-101.04
Marshmallow Marshmallow MAH-101.05
Mastic Mastic MAS-101.31
Mastic Confectionery mastic MAS-101.30
Mastic Confectionery mastic MAS-101.05
Maple Maple syrup, Caramel color (E150d) 111508C
Maple Maple syrup RF3184
Marie Rich creamy, buttery RF1820
Oryo Rich dark cocoa cream sponge cake ORE-101.01
Oryo Rich cocoa cream sponge cake ORE-101.02
Pancake Pancakes PAC-101.07
Petit beurre Petit beur, French biscuits PB-101.21
Popcorn Popcorn with a sweet caramel flavor POC-101.04
Popcorn Popcorn POP-101.05
Premium chocolate Chocolate Premium RF3906
Premium chocolate Chocolate Premium RF4033
Rafaello Rafaello sweets RF4077
Rafaello Rafaello sweets RF4088
Speculas Spicy cookies SPC-101.01
Sweet caramel Sweet caramel 10082C
Tahina Sesame paste TAH-101.01A
Tiramisu Sweet, creamy, tiramisu type RF1914
Tiramisu Classic tiramisu TIR-101.01
Toffe Caramel, a type of toffee RF3895
Toffee Toffee TOF-101.22
Toffee butter Butterscotch oil BS-101.28
Turkish Delights Turkish Delight TD-101.01
Um Ali Creamy dessert with nuts UMA-101.03
Vanilla Rich sweet vanilla VAN/C-101.13
Vanilla Creamy sweet vanilla VAN/C-101.131
Vanilla Sweet vanilla VAN/C-101.71
Vanilla Vanilla concentrate RF484
Vanilla Vanilla concentrate RF3898
Vanilla Vanilla concentrate RF2436
Vanilla Vanilla sweet VAN/C-101.06
Vanilla bean Rich, creamy vanilla VAB/C-101.49
Vanilla Ice Cream Vanilla ice cream RF3036
Vanilla Wafer Vanilla waffle RF4099
White Chocolate White Chocolate RF4370
Vanilla Custard Vanilla Custard RF4362
Vanilla Cream Vanilla Cream RF4298
Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate RF4368
Lemon Cake Vanilla Lemon Cake LMC-101.78
Fresh Cream Fresh Cream RF4323
Custard Creamy and Spicy CUS-101.602
Banoffee Pie Banana Cream Caramel Blend 28887C
Brownie Brownie Brownie RF4004
Brownie Brownie Brownie RF4002
Biscuit Vanilla waffle RF10254
Crème Caramel Sweet Creamy Caramel CRC-101.55
Marshmallow Marshmallow RF4374


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