Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and aroma and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Barberry Sweet, fruity berry RF3094
Barberry Flavor Barberry RF3049
Black currant Natural black currant RF1037
Black currant Black currant RF0017
Black currant Black currant 6979C
Black grape Grape concentrate RF1819
Blackberry Ripe blackberries 32909C
Blackberry Blackberry, Red color (E129), Blue color (E133) 40109IC
Blackberry Blackberry RF405
Blackberry Juicy, sweet RF2985
Blackberry Blackberry 32909C50
Blue raspberry Raspberry and mixed berry mixture, blue (E133) BLR-101.227
Blue raspberry Mixture of raspberries and berries blue (E133) BLR-101.367
Blueberry Fresh blueberry BLU-101.19
Blueberry Floral, soft, sweet RF2937
Blueberry Juicy, sweet blueberries RF2823
Blueberry Juicy sour blueberries RF2828
Blueberry Blueberry BLU-101.15
Cherry Bitter cherry CHE-101.08
Cherry Fresh cherry CHE/RV-101.30W
Cherry Sour cherry RF1366
Cherry Cherry concentrate RF963
Cherry Cherry RF0040
Cherry Cherry RF0041
Cherry Sweet Sweet cherry RF4096
Cranberry Cranberry CRN-101.08
Cranberry Cranberry concentrate RF3709
Grape Grapes GRA-101.20
Grape Green grapes 2345C
Grape Grape, Red (E122), Blue (E133), Caramel (E150d) 1515IC
Grape Grape, Red (E122), Blue (E133), Caramel (E150d) 1818ICA
Grape Grapes 8219С
Mulberry Sweet mulberry 3622C
Raspberry Sweet raspberry 3608C
Raspberry Raspberry mature RF-101.76
Raspberry Yellow raspberry RAS-101.04
Raspberry Raspberry, Red color (E129), Blue color (E133) 3608IC
Raspberry Flower, confectionery RF2759
Raspberry Raspberries 3608C5
Raspberry Raspberries RF-101.76
Raspberry Raspberries RAS-101.420N
Raspberry frisco Fresh, juicy RF3070
Raisin Typical taste of black raisins RF3469
Ripe Strawberry Ripe strawberry STR/P-101.06
Strawberry Juicy strawberries STR/T-101.92
Strawberry Sweet strawberry STR/T-101.94
Strawberry Sweet buttery RF143
Strawberry Creamy strawberry STR/C-101.130
Strawberry Cream strawberry STR/C-301.03
Strawberry Ripe strawberry, Red color (E124) STR/C-101.74
Strawberry Fresh strawberry STR/C-101.18
Strawberry Strawberry STR/C-101.708
Strawberry Sweet strawberry STR/C-101.54
Strawberry Sweet, buttery strawberries RF983
Strawberry Creamy, floral, sweet, fruity type RF3796
Strawberry Sweet, juicy, ripe fruits, creamy, green RF2858
Strawberry Strawberry STR/M-101.550
Strawberry Strawberries, ripe and creamy RF2547
Strawberry Flavor Strawberry STR/C-101.708
Sweet cherry Sweet cherry 71709C20
White grape White grapes GRA-101.57
Wild berry Wild berry RF0197
Red grape Typical grapes RF1625
Strawberry Strawberry STR/T-101.94
Strawberry Strawberry RF4352
Red grape Black Currant (Red (E-129), Blue (E-133).) 3639IC1


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