Spice flavors

Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and smell and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Anise Anise ANL-101.09
Anise Anise ANL-101.02
Cardamom Cardamom CAD-101.05
Carob Carob, Caramel color (E150d) CRO-101.01
Cinnamon Cinnamon CIN-101.17
Cinnamon Cinnamon CIN-101.16
Cinnamon Cinnamon CIN-101.05
Cumin Flavor Caraway RF2998
Clove Carnation CLO-101.01
Ginger Ginger RF3551
Licorice Liquorice LIC-101.10
Pan Indian spices PAN-101.02
Paan Raas Herbs, spices of india, mint RF3981
Paan Raas Floral, mint, herbal spices RF3982
Saffron Spice yellow saffron RF2314
Thyme Thyme THY-101.01
Thyme Thyme THY-101.02
Spice Spice mix SPI-101.10
Menthol Menthol MEN-101.09
Menthol Menthol MEN-101.02
Mint Fresh, cool RF646
Mint citrus Citrus mint RF2917
Saffron Flavor Saffron RF2314
Spearmint Fresh mint SPE/T-101.31
Spearmint Cool mint SPE-101.05
Cool mint Cool mint COM-101.01
Ice Refreshing menthol ICE-101.01
Peppermint Spicy mint PEP/T-101.102
Peppermint Peppermint PEP/T-101.26
Peppermint Spicy mint PEP-101.06
Peppermint Spicy mint PEP/T-101.55
Peppermint Peppermint PEP-101.57
Bergamot Bergamot RF3439
Bergamot Bergamot RF3440
Saffron Almond Sweet, almond, saffron, milk SAF-101.03
Peppermint Peppermint PEP-101.107
Mellissa Melissa MELS-101.03
Crazy Mint Sweet, Fruity, Minty, Chewing gum CRZ-101.01
Basil Basil RF4318
Black Pepper Black Pepper RF4369


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