Vegetable Oil / Citrus Oil

Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and aroma and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Butter Fresh table oil BUT-101.60
Butter vanilla but Vanilla oil BUT-101.52
Cheese Cheese CHES-101.75
Earl grey Citrus (bergamot oil) GER-101.04
Grapefruit Juicy grapefruit GRF-101.08
Italian Intense sweet citrus PAN-401.00
Kola Cola, Caramel color (E150d) KOL-101.51
Kola Cola, Caramel color (E150d) KOL-101.53
Lemon Yellow lemon LEM/C-101.09
Lemon Sour lemon RF048
Lemon Lemon RF1764
Mandarin Juicy tangerine MAD-101.10
Margarine Fatty oil RF3228
Margarita Margarita cocktail MAG-101.04
Mastic Mastic MAS-101.31
Mastic Confectionery mastic MAS-101.30
Mastic Confectionery mastic MAS-101.05
Olive Olives OLI-101.06
Olive oil Olive oil OLO-101.09
Orange Ripe orange ORA/C-101.11
Orange Orange ORA/C-101.58
Orange Ripe, juicy orange ORA/C-101.60
Orange Sweet orange RF2754
Orange Orange ORA/C-101.58
Pink Lemonade Pink lemonade PID-101.06D
Red dragon Spicy, citrusy, sour RF3016
Samneh baladi Egyptian ghee SAM-101.61
Violet Floral, Violet VIO-101.02
Peppermint Peppermint PEP-101.107
Black Pepper Black Pepper RF4369
Grapefruit Grapefruit GRF-101.20
Lemon Cake Vanilla Lemon Cake LMC-101.78
Nutmeg Nutmeg RF4458


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