Food flavors Rich Flavors have a pleasant rich taste and aroma and fully convey the sign of the product of the same name.

Name: Composition: Code:
Anise Anise ANL-101.09
Anise Anise ANL-101.02
Banana Ripe banana 2869BT
Banana Daiquiri Banana Daiquiri BAD-101.611
Barberry Flavor Barberry RF3049
Bru cocktail Citrus fruit IBR-101.07
Cinnamon Cinnamon CIN-101.17
Cinnamon Cinnamon CIN-101.16
Cinnamon Cinnamon CIN-101.05
Coconut Breeze Coconut breeze 6969С
Cola Typical cola RF2124
Cola Cola RF1939
Cosmopolitan Lemon Fruit Mix COS-101.06
Cumin Flavor Caraway RF2998
Dream tangerine Mandarin RF2953
Energy Energy RF2508
Eucalyptus Eucalyptus RF3310
Exotic Fruits Exotic fruits EXO-101.381
Ginger Ginger RF3551
Grapefruit Grapefruit RF0185
Grenadine Grenadine GRE-101.09
Grenadine Grenadine GRE-101.19N
Grenadine pomegranate Garnet POM-101.43
Gum Flavor Chewing gum RF3782
Jasmine Jasmine JAS-101.07
Kola Lime cola 9999T
Kola Cola 7777T
Lemon Juicy lemon LEM/C-101.522
Lemon Lime lemon LEM-101.7UP
Lemon Lemon LEM/C-101.36
Lemon Fresh, juicy, lemon lime RF2853
Lemon - Lime Lemon-lime 425200B
Licorice Liquorice LIC-101.10
Long island Long Island 50117C50
Mai Tai Mai Thai cocktail MAI-101.572
Mango Mango typical MAN-101.110
Melon Sweet, lemon, lime, melon RF2938
Mojito Mojito cocktail. Lime mint MOH-101.04
Nutmeg Nutmeg NUT-101.01
On the beach Beach SOB-101.03
Pan Indian spices PAN-101.02
Passion Tropical Fruit Blend PAS-101.14
Peppermint Spicy mint PEP/T-101.102
Peppermint Peppermint PEP/T-101.26
Peppermint Spicy mint PEP/T-101.55
Peppermint Peppermint PEP-101.57
Pomegranate Pomegranate (flower) POM-101.33
Raspberry frisco Fresh, juicy RF3070
Spearmint Fresh mint SPE/T-101.31
Spearmint Cool mint SPE-101.05
Spice Spice mix SPI-101.10
Strawberry Juicy strawberries STR/T-101.92
Strawberry Sweet strawberry STR/T-101.94
Tutti Fruitti Fruit chewing gum TF/T-101.513
Tutti Fruitti Tutti frutti fruit TF/T-101.503
Tutti Fruitti (bubble gum) Fruit chewing gum TF/T-101.513
Tutti Frutti Fruit chewing gum RF2363
Two apples special mix Double apple special mix SM-24250
Watermelon Red, juicy watermelon WME/T-101.514
Watermelon Sweet watermelon 5552014C30
Yuzu Tropical citrus Yuzu YUZ-101.02
Yuzu Citrus Yuzu YUZ-101.04
Mango Mango Green Green RF4325
Mango Mango MAN-101.75
Grapefruit Grapefruit RF4315
Biscuit Vanilla waffle RF10254
Strawberry Strawberry STR/T-101.94
Hazelnut Hazelnut RF10227


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